Bridge Life Ltd.

Bridge Life Ltd.
  • Brokering and management of company housing and student dorms

    We introduce potential tenants and companies to university student dorms, company dorms and company housing. Additionally, our foreign national staff members are ready to assist international students and employees in finding dormitories and company housing.

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  • Multilingual call center business

    Expert staff will respond from phone counselling through troubles with neighbors for foreign residents.
    (English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnam)

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  • Real estate agent for foreign nationals

    They would not let me rent the apartment because I'm a foreigner... I don't have a guarantor... I don't know how to find an apartment...If you have problems like this, we can help you!

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  • About Bridge Life Ltd.

    At Bridge Life, we provide services in five languages (Chinese, Korean, English, Vietnam and Japanese) in order to support you in your native language.

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  • Results and Case Examples

    Read some case examples of universities and companies that have used our services.

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What's New

2017/06/01 GAIKOKUJIN CALL 24
2013/07/05 We have renewed our website.
2012/11/29 UR Housing Information Center has been opened
  • UR Housing Information Center