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Everything from apartment hunting and rental contracts to procedures moving in and out, "real estate agent for foreign nationals" at Bridge Life is the solution you were looking for!

  • They won't let me rent the apartment because I'm a foreigner°ń
  • I want to rent an apartment but I don't have a guarantor°ń
  • I don't know how to find an apartment for foreigners°ń

When starting out in Japan, the first obstacle many foreign nationals face is "finding an apartment." Apartment hunting in Japan can be very difficult for foreign nationals for a number of reasons, such as the owner will not accept foreign nationals or they have trouble negotiating in Japanese.

If you are having trouble with apartment hunting or procedures for moving in, please contact us! At Bridge Life, we provide support to foreign nationals for everything from apartment hunting and rental contracts to problems while staying in the apartment, and procedures when moving out.

Don't worry if you can't speak Japanese well. Our foreign national staff who all speak English, Chinese, Korean, or Vietnam with with assist you with everything from apartment hunting to applications and procedures when moving in and out.

Main services for real estate agent for foreign nationals

You can use our services throughout your time in Japan from before you move in, and your daily life in Japan to procedures when moving out. We can help you with your apartment hunting, so feel free to contact us!

  • °„When moving in°š
  • Introducing properties that are available for foreign nationals
  • Applications to start use of lifeline utilities (electricity, gas, water)
  • Explanation of contract details in tenant's native language
  • Application to start use of internet
  • °„While living in apartment°š
  • Respond to problems while living in the apartment (problems with home facilities, proper methods of disposing of garbage, etc.)
  • °„When moving out°š
  • Contact landlord for termination of contract
  • Internet service cancellation
  • Lifeline utilities (electricity, gas, water) cancellation
  • Handle the calculation of refundable deposits

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