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1. Name or title of the person in charge of personal information protection management (or a representative), department and contact information

Bridge Life Ltd. President
Telephone: 048-795-7320

2. Personal information obtained by the Company

  • (1) The addresses, names and contact information of the owner, renter, tenant, and joint guarantor written on the real estate rental contract (Real Estate Business Law, Article 37) and disclosure statement (Real Estate Business Law, Article 35).
  • (2) Information like the example above such as information of the contractors and interested parties found in other types of contracts
  • (3) Regarding the aforementioned (1) and (2), information like the example above such information of applications and individuals making appointments
  • (4) Regarding the aforementioned (1) and (2), information regarding various identification documents, such as residence registers, certificate of seals, copies of passports, and foreign resident registration cards.
  • (5) Information, such as addresses and names written on the real estate registry that can be obtained from public sources (public institutions and websites)
  • (6) Information on foreign national employees and international students obtained from Client Companies
  • (7) Information obtained in the full-time and part-time employees staffing business (foreign resident registration card, resumes, etc.)
  • (8) Information on Company employees (Names, addresses, dates of birth, contact information, background, bank account numbers, and other personal information necessary for human resource operations)
  • (9) Personal history and resume of job applicants

3. Purpose of use of personal information obtained and kept by the Company

The personal information obtained by the Company shall be strictly managed and handled within the range prescribed below and shall not be used for unintended purposes.

  • 1) Purpose of use of personal information obtained and kept for real estate brokerage services
  • (1) The Company may use personal information to contact potential tenants to confirm conditions or provide information regarding apartment hunting and respond to inquiries
  • (2) The Company shall manage personal information obtained through real estate transactions such as applications and contracts received from potential tenants, tenants, owners of properties who have outsourced the management or mediation of properties, and other right holders, and other appropriate methods.
  • (3) The Company shall use personal information in searching for possible tenants for rental contracts of real estate, closing rental, brokering and management contracts (including joint guaranty contracts) and providing services based on the contracts.
  • (4) In some cases, the personal information of the tenant may be provided to a rent guarantor company.
  • (5) The Company shall use the address, name, phone number, email address and property information from the customer's personal information in order to send direct mail and contact customers regarding services relating to other real estate properties and products and services of associated companies that may prove useful to the customer. However, this use of information can be suspended if there is a request from the customer.
  • (6) The Company used personal information to respond to communication such as comments and requests sent to the Company.
  • (7) The Company handles personal information in order to conduct sales of insurance contracts, close contracts, and support processing for accidents as an agent of a general insurance company.
  • (8) The Company receives personal information on employees and international students from companies and academic institutions in order to handle the procedures involved with moving tenants into company housing and student dorms.
  • 2) Purpose of use of personal information obtained and kept for "Lifestyle services"
  • (1) The Company provides information for procedures in renting furniture and home appliances used in the apartment
  • (2) The Company provides information to the electric, gas and water providers in response to requests to provide lifeline utilities.
  • (3) The Company is contracted by the management companies to respond to complaints from neighbors. The results are reported to the management companies.
  • (4) The Company responds to problems such as dealing with calculation of refundable deposit and cleaning costs.
  • (5) The Company collects rent on behalf of owners.
  • 3) Purpose of use of personal information obtained and kept in the "message board site operation"
  • (1) To manage registered members
  • (2) To provide information within the message board site
  • (3) When individuals access the information provided and send an inquiry, information is provided to the supplier of the information.
  • (4) In order to send our email magazine (to those who have requested it)
  • 4) Purpose of use of personal information obtained and kept for "Full-time and part-time employee staffing"
  • (1) When individuals access job listings provided and make inquiries, the Company provides information to the supplier of the information.
  • 5) Purpose of use of personal information regarding Company employees
  • (1) For the management of human resources, salaries, operations and benefits
  • 6) Purpose of use of personal information regarding job applicants
  • (1) For recruitment selection process
  • (2) For the recruitment selection procedures and notification of results
  • (3) For procedures before joining the Company and notification of other procedures

4. Regarding outsourcing the personal information obtained by the Company to a third party

  • 1) With the consent of the individual, the Company shall outsource the use of the personal information obtained in the following cases. The Company may outsource operations to agencies that have been evaluated and selected and determined to be appropriate. However, the personal information will not be outsourced without the consent of the individual.
  • (1) Part of the human resource management work including information on Company employees shall be outsourced to a tax accountant.
  • (2) The information of Company employees shall be outsourced to printing companies in order to print business cards.
  • (3) The personal information obtained through our business shall be managed using an external hosting service.

5. Regarding the provision and joint use of personal information obtained by the Company with a third party

  • 1) The Company shall not provide or jointly use any personal information it has obtained without the permission of the individual with the exception of the following cases.
  • (1) When the individual has consented
  • (2) When it is necessary based on laws
  • (3) When there is an urgent need in order to protect human life, prevent bodily injury or protect property

6. Safety management for the protection of personal information

  • 1) The Company shall prescribe rules to protect the personal information it has obtained, notify, and enforce, as well as educate employees regarding said rules, and periodically audit the status of compliance to the rules. Additionally, the Company shall make an effort to maintain and improve all necessary safety management measures to protect the personal information obtained.

7. Procedures for disclosure, correction and suspension of use

  • 1) Regarding the personal information subject to disclosure

Personal information subject to disclosure is defined in section of JIS Q15001:2006 as follows.
Personal information that is part of a collection of information organized systematically so that it can be searched using a computer, or a collection of information with a structure that is systematically organized and classified according to an established rule or by adding contents, indices, symbols, etc., to make it easy for the a particular personal information to be searched. Companies are authorized to respond to all requests made by individuals to notify purpose of use, disclose, correct, add, or delete the information, suspend use, erase or suspend provision to a third party.

  • 2) The "Personal information subject to disclosure" that the Company possess shall consist of the following:
  • (1) Personal information obtained from customers as part of the Company's businesses (Applies to 3.1) , 3) , 4) , 5) , 6) above)
  • (2) Personal information from our customers
  • (3) Personal information relating to personnel management of all company employees
  • (4) Personal information from individuals who have applied for a position at the Company
  • (5) Personal information from customers who have submitted inquiries
  • 3) Requests for disclosure

Please contact the Personal Information Customer Center, and if you wish to request notification purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of your personal information obtained by the Company or suspend use, erase, or suspend provision of the information to a third party, please fill in the necessary information in the designated forms and submit them to the Company.

  • 4) When requesting disclosure of information, we will require proof of identity. In some cases we will require you to send a copy of your official certification (identification) by post.

*In the case of representatives, the Company shall request an authorization letter for confirmation. If you are appointing a representative, the Company requires the submission of copies of official certifications for both the individual and the representative. Additionally, the Company will not respond to any requests to disclose information received via telephone, email, or fax. Please send all such requests using a method such as registered mail in which the delivery is recorded.

*In the case of the legal representative of a minor or adult ward, the Company shall confirm documents that show power of legal representation.

  • 5) Regarding requests for disclosure (requests for disclosure of "Notification of purpose of use," "Disclosed personal information"), the Company will collect a processing fee of up to 1,000 yen. If the processing fee shall clearly exceed this amount, the requesting party shall be contacted with details.

8. For inquiries, complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information

  • 1) For all inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, complaints and consultations, please contact the Personal Information Customer Center below.

Bridge Life Ltd. Personal Information Customer Center
Person in charge of personal information management

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