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A Women's University in Tokyo: Proposed a dormitory for international students

Why they came to Bridge LifeThey had been using a dormitory that was old and so in order to improve the living conditions it became necessary for them to find a new dormitory for international students. They came to us asking for a good proposal to meet their needs.
Details of our proposalSince fairly new properties with 1DK (1R, 1K) apartments have higher rent, we proposed that they use properties with larger apartments (3DK and larger) and have students share apartments. Additionally, we proposed that they use the discounts available when signing contracts for multiple rooms at the same time. This way it was possible to provide rooms with rents per individual that were much lower than the market average. Additionally, we proposed our Secure Support service in which our company responds to problems tenants have while living in the apartments and problems with facilities so that the staff at the university do not need to. As for furniture and home appliances, we proposed a plan where our company rents all of the necessary furniture and appliances so that we can respond promptly if there are any problems.
Details of service implementedThe university signed contracts for several 3LDK rooms using the discount program. (Our company handled all of the procedures for the contracts.) In addition to the Secure Support service to respond to problems during the tenants' stay, we provide a comprehensive service that begins with handing the students their key when they move in, conducting orientation, final procedures when moving out, responding to changes in tenants and cleaning rooms after they have been vacated.
Comments from our customers.・We were able to cut down on the workload related to the dorms.
・Bridge Life and their multilingual personnel can work directly with the tenants when there are problems with facilities, furniture, or home appliances, so it is possible to respond to their needs more quickly and accurately.
・They hold orientations for all tenants when they move in so the number of problems and complaints from tenants have dropped drastically.

A university in Tokyo: Proposal for a dormitory for international students

Why they came to Bridge LifeThey were unsure if the university could continue to use the International Exchange Center that the university was currently using as a dorm for International Students under the same conditions. The university wished to secure a separate dorm for International Students in advance.
Details of our proposalOur company proposed that we would rent an entire building of 1R apartments, install the necessary furniture and home appliances and then rent the furnished apartments to the university. Additionally, in order to eliminate as much of the workload of the university employees as possible, we proposed that our company also conduct the work of the university employees (such as showing the rooms to potential tenants, explaining facilities, responding to problems while residing in the apartment and assisting when they move out) as a service.
Details of service implementedWe are currently loaning one building with 25 completely furnished one room apartments to the university. Additionally, we provide services such as showing apartments to prospective tenants, explaining facilities, applying for lifeline utilities (gas, electricity, water, Internet when tenants move in, responding to problems after tenants move in, and assisting when tenants move out (hiring movers, etc.).
Comments from our customers- The company assists with the gas and internet construction work on the day tenants move in so the tenants can start living in Japan smoothly without any worries.
- Since the company provides assistance with the final inspection when moving out in the tenant's native language, we no longer have any problems with the calculation of refundable deposits (cleaning costs).

Proposal to a Japanese company

Why they came to Bridge LifeThe company wished to newly establish company housing (use for one year) for a new company employee but the new company housing had no furniture or home appliances. They asked us to propose a service to provide them with the necessary furnishings.
Details of our proposalSince this was for a short period of time, we proposed the rental of used items. Additionally, in order to lessen the workload of the persons in charge, we proposed that our company be present in their place to receive the keys when moving in the furniture and home appliances, and be there when the gas company opened the lines.
Adoption detailsWe were able to provide our services as proposed renting used items. Additionally, they requested that we receive the keys in their place and be there when the gas lines were opened.
Comments from our customersWe were very grateful that they provided us with the various services, such as receiving the key free of charge during a very busy period. Additionally, the installation (removal) of air conditioning units and response to problems were not outsourced but instead conducted by employees of Bridge Life so we felt very reassured.

Proposal for company housing for a foreign company

Why they came to Bridge LifeThe company calls employees to Japan for different projects, and most projects are short term (less than one year) so it is usually very difficult to sign rental contracts for apartments for such short periods of time and this was raising the cost of their company housing (many employees were staying in hotels). We were consulted to help them find a better solution.
Details of our proposalWe selected properties where there are no penalties for cancellation of contracts after a short period and properties where it is possible to change tenants, and proposed properties that do not require unnecessary costs. Additionally, we proposed a service where we install and set up the apartments with furniture and home appliances and everyday items (utensils, plates, towels, etc.) so the tenants can use the apartments like a hotel. We also proposed a service where we would periodically conduct maintenance (periodic cleaning) of the apartments.
Adoption detailsThe customer signed a contract for several properties with apartment sizes of 2DK or larger, and the apartments are being shared by multiple tenants. In addition to the rental of furniture and home appliance used year round, the customer is also renting seasonal furniture and appliances. (Examples: Electric fans and air conditioners in the summer, heaters in the winter, etc.)
Comments from our customersThey show tenants (company employees) who do not speak Japanese how to use the facilities, furniture, and home appliances (maintenance methods), so we no longer have damage to furniture and home appliances or problems caused by differences in habits (water leaks, clogged toilets, heavy oil stains, etc.), and that has helped reduce our workload and costs. They also assist with the procedures for lifeline utilities (water, electricity, gas, internet, etc.) when newly establishing company housing and deal with any remaining luggage after tenants have moved out, so our workload regarding company housing had dropped, and we are able to spend more time on other operations.

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