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Brokering and management of company housing and student dorms

We meet a variety of needs for company housing, company dorms, and student dorms!

Bridge Life's area of specialty is the brokering and management of company housing, company dorms, and university student dorms! We are ready to support newly arrived foreign national employees and international students. We provide a one-stop service for all the potential needs while living in Japan, from apartment hunting to procedures for moving in and out, to supporting tenants in their daily lives.

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Multilingual call center business

From moving into an apartment to moving out, we will support you throughout your time in Japan!

We provide comprehensive services to make sure foreign nationals enjoy living in Japan. We provide services to support tenants not only before moving in and when moving out but also for the entire stay in the apartment. Please feel free to consult us if you have any problems with life in Japan. Our foreign national staff can assist you in your native language (English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnam).

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Real estate agent for foreign nationals

Apartment hunting can be difficult, but it'll be a breeze with Bridge Life!

Here at Bridge Life, we can support you with everything from apartment hunting to your rental contract, problems you might have while living in Japan, and procedures to move out of the apartment! We can introduce many properties that accept foreign nationals as tenants, so the usually difficult "apartment hunting" will be a breeze! Our foreign national personnel speak English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnam so feel free to contact us if you do not speak Japanese.

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To Owners of Properties

If you are a property owner troubled with vacancies and low occupancy rates, please contact us!

Bridge Life is a real estate agent specializing in services to foreign nationals. Using our unique know-how and methods of attracting clients, we have achieved records of a monthly average of 80 contracts and more than 1,000 contracts annually. In addition to rental contracts, we provide overall supports for tenants from when they move in to after they move out. If you are a property owner and have problems with vacancies or low occupancy rates, please feel free to contact us.

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