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Brokering and management of company housing and student dorms

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Come to Bridge Life for the brokering and management of company housing, and company and student dorms and take advantage of our abundant experience in this area.

  • "We are looking for a property we can use as company housing or a company dorm"
  • "We would like you to handle everything from apartment hunting to the management of student dorms"
  • "We are having trouble finding apartments for our international students"
  • "We are worried that our foreign national employees will have trouble settling in Japan"

At Bridge Life, we can help you with these needs and problems. The brokering and management of company housing, company dorms, and university student dorms are one of our areas of specialty. We provide a one-stop service for all tenants needs from apartment hunting to procedures for moving in and out to supporting tenants in their daily lives.

Additionally, we have an excellent support system for foreign national employees and international students. Our foreign national staff members speak English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnam can provide close support for living in Japan. If you are looking for apartments for new company employees, international students, and freshman, please come to us. We will listen to your needs in detail and propose the most appropriate types of apartments, rental contracts, and services.

Service Details

1. Introduce and propose company housing, company dorms and student dorms

We can introduce our customers to various types of apartments. We will find apartments that meet the needs of our customers, such as those that can be shared with multiple tenants, those in which tenants can be changed during the contract period, and completely furnished apartments.

2. Orientations for tenants when moving in

For our tenants who are starting a new life in Japan, we conduct orientations when they move in. We use the orientation to explain everything from how to separate the garbage for recycling and rules for disposal, how to use facilities within the apartment, and evacuation areas in the event of a disaster to cautionary notes for the use of the apartment, management contracts, and company housing rules.

3. Rental (and installation) of furniture, home electronics, and household equipment

The beginning of the rental and home appliances furniture (installation), we also offer business carrying regular life equipment which is indispensable to the daily life of (consumables). It is also available in the native language (English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnam).

4.°°The life support for tenants

We will respond to any problems during the tenants' stay in the apartment.
We have a service center where we provide support for foreign national employees and international students in their native language (English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnam). We are ready to support tenants in all aspects of living in Japan.

°„Main business description°š

  • Responding to lost keys
  • Responding to problems with plumbing
  • Responding to problems with facilities in the apartment
  • Rent collection agent services
  • Mediation when problems arise with neighbors
  • Handing over of keys to tenants
  • Dealing with calculation of refundable deposit

5. Responding to changes in tenants

We can provide support responding to various procedures necessary when changing tenants. We make sure the transition is smooth by receiving and handing over keys, conducting room cleaning and confirming, and removing any remaining luggage or unwanted property(personal belongings).

6. Full-time management of dorms for international students

Through our full-time management services for international students' dormitory, we can provide students with finely tuned support in living in Japan.

°„Details of main services°š

  • Installation and preparation of facilities and supplies before tenants move in
  • Responding to various problems in their daily lives
  • Tenant list management
  • Facilities and equipment management
  • Support with accounting related work

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