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Established: August 22, 2012
Final Revision: August 22, 2012

Bridge Life Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") provides services in real estate brokerage, moving and lifestyle support, operation of message board sites, and full and part-time staffing specializing in foreign nationals. Regarding the protection of personal information handled by the Company, the Company shall be fully aware of its societal responsibilities, protect the rights and interests of the individual, and comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information. Additionally, in order to realize the policies listed below, the Company pledges to combine forces as a whole to establish a personal information protection management system, be constantly aware of the latest trends in information technology, changes in the societal demands, and changes in the business environment and continuously work to make improvements.

  1. a) Regarding the personal information handled in the Company's business, hiring of employees and management of human resources, the Company shall obtain, use, and provide the personal information appropriately within the range of the predetermined purposes of use, and the personal information shall not be used beyond the range necessary to achieve the purposes of use (use of information for unintended purposes). Additionally, all necessary measures shall be implemented to ensure this.
  2. b) The Company shall comply with all laws and regulations, guidelines prescribed by the government and any other rules regarding the handling of personal information.
  3. c) Regarding the risks of unauthorized access to personal information and leaking, loss, or damage to personal information, the Company shall implement all reasonable safety measures, invest management resources that are consistent with the actual business situation, and continuously work to improve the security system for personal information. Additionally, company rules shall be established to ensure the correction of any inappropriate items, and the personal information shall be protected under the best available conditions.
  4. d) The Company shall establish company rules regarding response to complaints and inquiries into the handling of personal information and respond to such complaints and inquiries promptly and with good faith.
  5. e) Regarding the personal information protection management system, the Company shall review the system in response to changes in the environment surrounding the company whenever necessary and appropriate and continue to promote improvements in the system.

This policy shall be distributed and made known to all board members and employees, and measures shall be implemented to ensure that the policy is made available to anyone at all times.

Bridge Life Ltd. President Masahito Tobita

Bridge Life Ltd. Personal Information Customer Center
Person in charge of personal information management

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