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We will support all aspects of life in Japan!
We're here to help foreign nationals with any problems they might have living in Japan.

  • What should I do with the procedures for electricity and gas?
  • There's just so much I'm worried about with living in Japan°ń
  • I want someone I can consult with in my native language about problems I'm having living in Japan

Are you worried about these things when starting your new life in Japan?
At Bridge Life, we provide comprehensive services to support foreign national employees and international students with their new life in Japan!
We will help you with everything from applications before moving in to problems in your daily life and procedures when moving out.

Our foreign national staff members who speak English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnam are ready to help you start your new life, so feel free to come to us with any questions.

Service details

1. Secure Move-in Service for International Students

With our International Students Secure Stay Support services, we provide comprehensive support to international students in all aspects of their daily lives.
We provide a variety of essential services during each stage starting from before they move in, the duration of their stay and up to thier move out.

  • °„Before moving in°š
  • When tenants move in, we will explain the details of their rental contract in English, Chinese, Korean, or Vietnam.
  • We will submit the necessary applications to start the use of electricity, gas and water.
  • We will support tenants with procedures to start the use of internet.
  • °„Duration of stay°š
  • We respond to problems during their stay in the apartment and inquiries in multiple languages.
    We respond to complaints from neighbors, problems with facilities within the apartment, and preemptively resolve any misunderstanding due to differences in lifestyles
    Trouble prevention services
  • Reminders for default payments of rent, etc. (We contact tenants in their native language.°ň
  • °„When moving out°š
  • We are here to mediate in between international students and real estate agencies to deal with problems with the calculation of refundable deposit and cleaning cost when moving out.
  • Disposal of items left behind (TV, furniture, etc.) after tenants returned home without notice

2. One-day Support

At Bridge Life, we provide support to foreign nationals living in Japan in various situations.
We provide One-day Support Services to help you get settled in your new life in Japan.

°„Details of main services°š

  • Applications to the local municipal office
  • Application for National Health Insurance (Kokumin Kenko Hoken)
  • Open an account at Japan Post Bank (Yucho Bank)
  • Purchasing or renting mobile phones
  • Purchase a commuter pass
  • Introduction to neighborhood
  • Assistance going to workplace
  • Pick-up service

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